Mocap Week3: Toon Shader, Soft Select+Blending Shapes, Image Sequence(video) as Texture, Trax Editor

Toon Shader TLDR:

  1. (Rendering
  2.  Toon> assign fill shader (adjust in attribute editor)
  3. Toon> assign outline Toon Shading.PNG


Shape Blending TLDR

  1. (Modelling Toolkit) Turn on soft select– only works in vertex mode
  2. Select all shapes
  3. (Windows> animation editor> shape editor) create blend shape and adjust with sliderssoft select.PNG

Image Sequence as Texture TLDR:

  1. Select mesh, (Channel Box> skinCluster1> Envelope) change 1 to 0
  2. Select Translate X down to Scale Z and right click unlock selected
  3. Image sequence needs to be contained in folder inside source images folder
  4. In attribute editor for the texture file make sure Use Image Sequence is selectedg seq text.gif

From Greg’s Trax Editor pdf:

  • The Trax editor allows you to create and edit animation clips non-destructively and non-linearly
  • You can select any part of the animation timeline and isolate a sub-clip to manipulate
  • You can speed up and slow down animation, create loops, blend clips, and merge clips


Trax Editor TLDR:

  1. (Human IK) Bake animation to skeleton
  2. (Attribute editor) Shift click ‘+’ next to master to expand all tabs in it and select expanded (incl master)
  3. (Windows> Animation Editors> Trax Editor) Create> Character Set
  4. (Orange Rectangle inside Trax Editor) to create clip
  • Looping: Shift + drag bottom right number
  • Merging: Shift + select clips, right click > merge
  • Blending: Shift + select the two clips, create> blend

Trax Editor Pic.PNG


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